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[TIPS] Light Painting with Honor

last replied byHonor-Chris,Aug 01, 2018 at 12:42AM

 by Honor-Chris  ,

Happy 4th of July! Fourth of July involves light, celebration, family time, BBQs and fireworks! Be safe and have fun with friends and family. Capture light in a unique way with light painting.

Open your camera-> Swipe from the left of tap on 'More'-> Then select Light painting

Here are some tips for you to get the best possible results

  1. Use a tripod! This will ensure your phone is stable with no movement, resulting in the best light painting effect without blur

  2. For the best results, do it at night after the sun goes down.

  3. Try, try again. It doesn’t hurt to try several times to get it just right

  4. Remember, if writing letters you will need to write backwards and in reverse. Write from right to left and the letters backwards

  5. If you are writing letters, turn off your light source after every letter for clean and clear lettering

  6. Use a Honor View10! With the monochrome sensor, the blacks in the photo will be much darker and have much better contrast in your photo

  7. Experiment with different colored lights for the look and affect you want

Share your light painting photos in the comments and tips you find useful

Choose your favorite color to make your thread outstanding.

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Has this forum again come to LIFE?

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 by Honor-Chris  ,

I've been working on re-organizing, updating/uploading content to make this forum become more active and a hub of information and interaction   

Thanks for noticing!


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