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HUAWEI released a new smart Bracelet-Honor Band Z1

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In recent days, HUAWEI can be described as frequent moves, following the release of 20 million pixel camera with a glory of 7, the company also launched a new smart Bracelet Honor Band Z1.

HUAWEI did not disclose the specific details of the Band Zero Honor, just released a picture of it on the Twitter. We can see from the figure of this device is a striking round dial, the border of the dial showing a clear metal texture. It is not the first round dial wearable devices, after the market already has a Motorola Moto 360 and G Watch R LG.

Honor Band Z1 protection level reached IP68, able to withstand dust, water and other material damage to the equipment.

It is not clear whether the Honor Band Z1 Android running Wear Honor system, its specific price has not been disclosed. HUAWEI will be released in August in the Chinese market this product, it will have a black, white, rice three color.

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does honor band Z1 waterprove?

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