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Honor Z1 Entry Lux Smart Wristband with a Touchscreen

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 by Richie  ,

Recently, the number of people wearing smart wristbands is steadily increasing, but many smart wristbands are limited, having only pedometer, sleep tracking, and sedentary reminder functionality. The prices of wristbands range from tens all the way to thousands of dollars. So how do you choose the right one?

Plus, most sports smart wristbands currently on the market are either dull and unsightly or colorful but tacky. Who would ever want to be seen on the street wearing something like that?

If a girl wants to wear a sports smart wristband, does she have to wear sports apparel? Does she have to ditch the high heels for running shoes?

Not long ago, Honor released the Z1, a new kind of smart wristband. The extreme simplicity of its design coupled with a highly attractive watch face has left fashionable people flocking to buy one. Yet, below its elegant exterior, what other functions does this smart wristband conceal? Let's find out.

After opening the box, you'll begin to experience what truly makes the Z1 unique. From your very first glance at the black watch face forged in the surrounding steel ring, you'll be impressed by the stunning design.

▲As you take it out the box, you'll truly experience the Z1's attractiveness. Different from other wristbands, the Z1's design is simple, with no buttons, and the black touch screen watch face compliments the champagne gold wrist strap. The wrist strap's 3D rhomboid texture adds a delicate finish.

▲When turned off, the touchscreen will be deep black, but gently tap the circular screen and the smart wristband will come to life. The 128 x 128 pixel luminescent screen creates for an impressive display. The watch face can be changed depending on needs and preferences. You can switch between the pedometer, sleep monitoring, calorie consumption, phone finder, remote picture taking screens. Plus, with the notifications display, you'll no longer need to take out your phone to know who's calling or messaging you.

It is worth mentioning that you do not need to use your fingers to switch between functions. Simply flick your wrist to light up the screen and switch between functions. The success rate for this is quite high, with rare failure due to flicking the wrist too quickly.

▲The Z1 works for all occasions. When you're at work and look down at this attractive wristband on your wrist, it will feel as if your work stresses and pressures have gone away. 

▲When driving, you can use the Z1s caller ID function to save you the inconvenience and distraction of fishing for your phone, and will prevent you from ever missing an important call. Of course, we recommend you wait until the car is parked to take calls or use your phone.

▲When wearing the Z1 during exercise, the accurate pedometer function will record your daily exercise completion. The sophisticate watch face will also remind you to take occasion rests, as to not over-exert yourself.

▲No need to worry that working up a sweat might damage the Z1. Equip with IP68 highest grade waterproofing capabilities, you can even swim with the Z1.

Look, I threw my Z1 into a fish tank, complete with koi fish. After taking the photo, I brutally threw it into a bowl of water. Yet, despite this beating, the Z1 was still unscathed. Compared with other smart wristbands that flounder and splash when confronted with water, the Z1 will leave wearers feeling secure and reassured. This, of course, was just a limits test. We don't recommend you throw your Z1 into a fish tank.



Stylish exterior, touchscreen, notifications, waterproof.... These keywords are the favorites of young people these days. Plus, the Z1 also has multiple color options, which couples can pair. If you are in the market for a smart wristband, we encourage you to consider this honor band Z1 smart wristband.

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 by Richie  ,

hope all of you will like it!

see more details here>>

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 by IHonorU  ,

To be true, I really loved the color combinations of silver border and creamy strap band 

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 by mrjlwilliams  ,

I wonder how long the battery lasts on this little guy/girl?  Real world usage, not by what the paper says...

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 by eriklee  ,

Will there be a testing or review program?

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 by TonyBoyTB  ,

I also would like to know if there will be a review program for Huawei members!??! 

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