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Today the first batch of the honor band Z1 makes its way to the Indian market and we are super excited about this. Our first wearable product, the honor band Z1 was well received by the tech community when we first announced the product in an exclusive launch event in New Delhi. And now, it is here, exclusively available on Flipkart.

The honor band Z1 stands for smart sophistication and this reflects in the minimalistic design, the gentle curves, the polished colours, et al. But, we should add, it does more than just stun! Here’s a smart band that brings style and high performance in one great package. If we have to choose a phrase, we’d say the honor band Z1 is Simply Elegant!

So what can you expect from our first ever smart band?

Elegant by design: Blend in yet stand out! The honor band Z1 is crafted to reflect simplicity and minimalism, echoing the principles of Scandinavian aesthetics. A polished steel band with a metallic finish adds to the fresh and distinctive design which will sure make heads turn. The strap sports a classic lozenge pattern and is fashioned from a special hypoallergenic TPU fabric for a comfortable fit.

Soft-lit touchscreen: If you observe closely, the band has absolutely no buttons, lending it a clean and understated look while not compromising on the functionality. It sports a soft-lit PMOLED screen set in a sleek black dial allowing you to choose functions like multiple time display modes, step counter, sleep monitor, etc.

Precise tracker that learns over time: It does what a smart band is supposed to do and more. Equipped with automatic activity recognition and multi-step counter, the band will track your steps accurately. The technology powering this ensures that it learns the pattern of you exercise and activity so that it gives reliable step and calorie readings.

Sleep monitoring: Did you sleep soundly? Are you getting enough sleep? The band will track your sleeping patterns and give you accurate sleep data using Polysomnography (PSG), which is a multi-parametric test used in the study of sleep and Capacitive Sensor Readings, a precision sensor which accurately detects wearing state and can even recognize when you are having a nap. The smart alarm function enables you to set a gentle wake-up call so that you can rise from your sleep state without disturbance.

Your fitness companion, anytime anywhere: You can wear your honor band Z1 in any weather condition. Thanks to precision design, it is dust and waterproof to a depth of 1.5 m and has received the IP68 certification (a rating which measures how water resistant the device is)

Convenient notifications on your wrist: Get notified when you have an incoming call as the large display of the honor Band Z1 supports caller display. You can even disable ringtones and set your band to vibrate so you don’t miss any notification.

Powerful hardware to match: Powering the sleek band is a Cortex M4 processor that offers a smooth user experience. An independent Bluetooth chip allows for faster connections. Supported by Huawei’s expertise in wireless communication, the band delivers stable Bluetooth data transfers and a wireless range of 10 m (in an open space).

Battery to keep up with you: You don’t want your fitness band to run out of juice mid-run, do you? With the honor band you don’t have to worry about it. On a single charge, the band can go on for 3 days of working time and 14 days of standby time.

What’s more, supported by fast-charging feature, you can charge for 10 minutes for a full day of usage.

Choose the colour of #YourPerfectFit: Get the colour to match your goals. The honor band Z1 is available in blackcream andwhite. Choose from a subdued black strap with agun-metal black band, a cool chaki strap with a silver band or a pure white strap with a silver band.

Source: http://hihonor.in/community/blog/strap-up-yourperfectfit

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