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How to update your Honor device through Firmware Finder if no OTA updates are available

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Having trouble with not receiving an update on your Honor device? Here we’ll go through how to force an update to ensure your device is up to date. Thank you to the devs at Firmware Finder for providing the app and service.

There are just two things that are needed first:

Firmware Finder

Wifi connection

1st: Download and install Firmware Finder from the Google Play Store onto your device

2nd: Make sure you’re connected to a wifi network

3rd: Open Firmware finder and give the app permission to access files on your device

4th: In the main screen of the app you should see the model number of your device at the top and the option to “Add model”.

5th: Tap on your model at the top which will take you to a list of available firmwares for your devices.

6th: We want to ensure we looking for the latest firmware that has “FullOTA-MF” below the build number.

7th: Tap on the latest build which will bring you to a new screen

8th: We want to ensure this build is authorized for our device. We will tap on “Check Firmware Access”. If your device is not authorized, you will need to select a different build. This is crucial as it may cause issues or not install properly

9th: In order to work seamlessly with the phone updater, we will setup a proxy which will route OTA downloads to a different server.

10th: Tap on “In-app Proxy”  then tap ‘OK’

11th: Go into your wifi settings and on the wifi network you’re currently connected to, long press on your connected wifi network and tap on “Modify network”

12th: Tap on “Show advanced options”

13th: Tap on “Proxy” and select "Manua"l of the 3 options shown

14th: In the ‘Proxy hostname’ enter “localhost” and for the ‘Proxy port’ enter 8080

15th: Tap save

16th: Head over to your settings main settings screen and go down to System update. You should have an available update to install. Tap "Quick Update" and let the update download. Once done, it will prompt to restart your device.

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