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problem with Playstore after update

last replied byCleric670,Mar 11, 2016 at 4:08PM

 by MTimeTraveller  ,

 I cant install or update any app 

developers please help

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 by Taylor  ,

Hi MTimetraveler, have you tried restarting your device? What is the current software build of your device?

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 by Cleric670  ,

Try removing your google acct from the device and then logging in again. If this doesn't help you're likely looking at a factory reset.

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 by Cleric670  ,

Alright did a little digging around about your error RCP:S-7:AEC-7, it's a playstore error or account error but not necessarily something wrong with your phone <it most like is your google account registered to that device but it's possible it's an issue on googles side>.

When you did your factory reset did you make absolutely sure to follow the directions for a fresh login of your google account?

Sometimes a first-run factory reset DOES NOT correct the issue but a SECOND factory reset will <no idea why that is>.

Here's a link to googles website with steps to take about that specific issue.


Apparently an aec-1 and aec-0 is not the specific error code but rather the rcp:s-7 part of the string, hope this helps a little.

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