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Poor audio quality via bluetooth

last replied byHonorCustomerSupport,Dec 08, 2016 at 11:20AM

 by huafans0917371  ,


I connected the phone to my car bluetooth for the first time. I am seeing very feeble audio coming from it via bluetooth. I dont have this issue with my previous phone. If not connected to bluetooth, the aduio quality/sound level was decent. Has anyone noticed it?

Any suggestions?



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 by HonorCustomerSupport  ,

Please ensure that the in-car Bluetooth is enabled and discoverable.  

+ It is possible that Bluetooth visibility timed out. Please re-enable visibility for the in-car Bluetooth.

+ It could be a Bluetooth compatibility problem. Some in-car Bluetooth systems are only compatible with certain phone models. When buying an in-car Bluetooth system for your vehicle, please verify that it is compatible with your phone model.

+ Please keep the phone within operating range. The operating range for Bluetooth visibility is 10 m. Beyond this range, devices will not be discoverable. If you continue to have issues, please contact our Honor Customer Support team at +1-844-524-6667. (NS)

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