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How is AI beneficial?

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 by Honor-Chris  ,

AI assists with more than just the camera. It helps with battery longevity throughout the day, charging, system performance, translation, faster image recognition and more. 

Combining AI and the NPU; system performance responds faster, the OS operates smoother and has been tested to run approximately 500 days without lag. Instead of the device slowing down over time, your View10 will run fast and smooth like it did when you first got the View10. AI predicts user's actions to ensure apps launch quickly and allocates system resources when needed. 

The NPU provides performance while being efficient. It can process images faster and perform computations faster than the conventional CPU or GPU. 

Intelligent portrait mode with AI distringuishes a subject in the foreground from the background providing a more accurate bokeh affect. This results in the subject being in focus giving the user a better photograph. 
So far the Honor View10 and Honor 10 are the only Honor devices that support AI and NPU capabilities. 

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