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How Game Suite improves your gaming experience

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Gaming on your smartphone can be enjoyable, it can be relaxing and fun, even intense and suspenseful depending on the game being played. When you game, you want to focus on winning or beating a time.

Nothing ruins your gaming experience more than lag, network latency or worse, an incoming call or notification that interrupts your jam. This is why the Honor View10 & Honor 7x offer Game Suite; not only just a hub for all of your games but a tool that will ensure you have the best gaming experience possible. Game Suite achieves by several ways:

Minimize & Hide Notifications: Game Suite will hide notifications from other apps and even text messages. This includes texts from priority contacts.

For phone calls, the incoming UI is minimal and non-intrusive. This makes for an improved gaming experience by not interrupting your game play nor get in the way. It will also automatically output the audio to the speakers when you decide to answer a phone call.

Performance mode: Game Suite alongside the NPU, will intelligently prioritize the game for the best performance while gaming. Scheduling of CPU tasks till after exiting the game ensures the processing power is focused on your game and not other tasks.

Network priority: Latency can arguably ruin your game causing you to lose in the most dire moments. It can also cause a lot of frustration or funny moments by causing you to jump back to a position you were in, almost replaying the same actions. With Game Suite, it prioritizes network traffic for the game, to ensure you have a latency free gaming experience. You’ll lag less when gaming online. This gives you the upper hand over your competition!

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