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Honor V8

last replied byhuafans096691,May 11, 2016 at 6:50PM

 by huafans096691  ,

I just wondering if Honor V8 will be sold in the USA. I need bigger screen size phone than Honor 5X 5.5". 

Huawei Mate 8 up to  now does not coming to USA eventhough is already travelling around the world!!! Why...?

Huawei Mate 2 is too old Android phone.

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 by honor  ,

Hello huafans096691, we recommend following the Community for device releases in the U.S. 

We can't speak on international devices like the Mate 8. If you have questions regarding international devices, please contact: hihonor.com/global

In regards to your Mate 2 comment, we appreciate your feedback and will forward it to our development team. (ED) 

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 by huafans096691  ,

According to the news Huawei Honor V8 has already launched on 05/10/2016, and will be available in Mainland China by next week.

My question is there any possibility Honor V8 will come to USA, like Honor 5X (the only cellphone you sold) ?

I  need a new phone right now, and I like Honor V8. If Honor V8 will come to USA, I can wait until next month. Otherwise I mightbe will get something else.

Please answermy question, so I can make decission.

Thank you.

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