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The Honor View10 & 7x have something many devices don’t have at their respective price point, and that is choices. The option between expanding your storage via a microSD card or adding a 2nd sim card for dual-LTE support.

With expandable storage, you can store your photos and videos that you take onto the external storage instead. There is no need to upgrade your phone just because you ran out of space!

Having the ability to have a 2nd SIM allows you to carry just one phone while having two numbers: one for personal and one as your business number. The days of carrying two phones are over! Easily call or text someone from either number without having to pull out a specific phone. This can make using your own device for business easier and seamless as you wont need to learn how to use a new phone or worry about keeping a second phone charged.  

Find out more on the Honor View10 here: http://bit.ly/2sdsnQj

Find out more on the Honor 7x here: http://bit.ly/2oma5Ks

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