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(EMUI Feature)Save & Safe your data in Huawei cloud+ drive and keep your phone memory free..

last replied bySn00ker,Dec 04, 2016 at 2:48PM

 by Hunter  ,

Save & Safe your data in Huawei cloud+ drive and keep your phone memory free.. 

Huawei Cloud+ provides a network drive, the Hi Space application, and various functions such as file sharing, phone finder, contact synchronization, and data backup. Simply register a Huawei Cloud+ account to access all these functions.

Registration and Settings

Register a Huawei Cloud+ account and configure the relevant settings when you use Huawei Cloud+ for the first time.


Creating an Account


1. On the Home screen, open the Huawei Cloud+ application.

2. Carefully read the Huawei Cloud+ Agreement, and touch Agree.

3. Enter your user name and password, confirm your password, and touch Submit.

4. Set your email address, security question, and answer to the question, and touch done.


Configuring Cloud+ Settings


After registering a Huawei Cloud+ account, configure the Cloud+ settings according to the instructions on the screen.

1. To prevent data loss or leakage, which may occur if you lose your phone, select phone finder, and touch Next.

2. On the sync settings screen, select the option to automatically synchronize data, such as contacts, to the server.

If you have entered an email address when you registered your Huawei Cloud+ account but did not receive an account verification email, touch Resend after this step.

3. Select the function that you want to use, or touch done. After Cloud+ settings are configured, touch Basic information to set your personal and device information

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 by Brandon  ,

Woooow.. Amazing feature.!!! Thanks for sharing Hunter !!

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 by RayDanK  ,

wow very very useful and good feature!!!!!!

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 by Emma  ,

It’s an convenient feature that helps to store our data... i liked it...!!!!!

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 by Thomsan  ,

Nice EMUI, Very much needed feature Ju

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 by JohnNil  ,

Good explanations!!!!! Thanks for information…

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 by smith  ,

Simple, easy ,fantastic and very useful feature.......!!!!!

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 by jason  ,

Amazingly~Thanks very much for sharing Hunter J

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 by tom  ,

Nice feature..!! Thanks for sharing.... :-)

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 by frankedward  ,

Whoa!! thanks for the share , much needed 

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 by Sophia  ,

Thanks for Making it clear J its an awesome feature!!!

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 by Mano  ,

One of the best feature of EMUI!!!! 

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 by MartinL  ,

Wooooooo, very very nice feature, really its so useful feature !!

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 by Roberts  ,

Wooooohab superb feature...!!

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 by Harris  ,

 Awesome feature.Thanks… Keep posting.

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 by King  ,

wow amazing ...!!! superb feature ..!!!   thank you so much Hunter 

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