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[EMUI Feature] System Navigation

last replied byRev,Aug 15, 2018 at 12:41AM

 by Honor-Chris  ,

The navigation bar is something that no one seems to agree on. Navigation buttons has been a part of Android ever since Honeycomb and since then, their functionality and usability has evolved slightly. There has been the obvious visual changes and the more recent multi-action support such as: long press of the home button activates Google Assistant, or long-press of the recent menu gives the option for split screen and the most recent is the double-tap of the recent key to “alt-tab” or switch between your most recent app and the current app open.

Gesture navigation is infiltrating the navigation bar and it could be a point of confusion among users but also a good place to assist users by lending a helping hand.

Honor offers the user many ways to customize and navigate the Android space to their liking. We don’t want to force you to change or use something that you don't want to. So that is why we offer up to 4 System navigation options for you to choose from.

  1. Standard navigation bar - This is what you’re most accustomed to

  2. Navigation dock- A floating navigation dock that can be used on its own or with another navigation option. It can also be moved wherever you wish on your screen!

  3. Off-Screen navigation buttons- Gestures utilizing the fingerprint sensor on the front of the phone (if your Honor device has a front mounted fringer print sensor). Taking back all of your screen real estate! It can get some getting used, to stick with it

  4. On-screen navigation key- Like the off-screen nav buttons, but instead it's an on-screen pill-shaped interactive button.

Not only does Honor offer several navbar types, but the ability to hide the on-screen nav bar if desired when not in use. Customization is vital and allowing the user to choose how they want to navigate is what’s important.

What system navigation do you use and why?

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 by Rev  ,

I've just grown accustomed to the default navigation bar setting, so I use that. It's nice to know the other options are out there and I'll be experimenting with those. Who knows? Maybe I'll find a whole new way to use my phone that I enjoy even more.

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