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[EMUI Feature] PrivateSpace

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Have you ever been in a situation where: you need to hand your phone to your child, co-worker, significant other or a stranger; then instantly worry about what photo, embarrassing game you don’t want to admit you play, notification or private message they may see? Instead of having to delete, mute notifications or act completely paranoid what they may do on your phone, you can enable PrivateSpace!

(PrivateSpace is not available on all devices due to hardware/performance limitations)

Exactly like what the name states, it creates a whole new “space” or session of your phone. This would be similar to having a different user login on a computer, but instead of seeing common apps for both logins, the PrivateSpace has no access to apps, contacts, messages, photos or anything on your device

To enable this feature: head over to Settings -> Security & Privacy -> PrivateSpace -> then tap on “Enable”. It will prompt you to setup a 6-digit PIN (similar to your lockscreen pin) and then ask if you’d like to associate a specific fingerprint to log into the PrivateSpace. Yes, that’s right! You can associate your index-finger to your PrivateSpace instance so your friend can’t see those photos from the party you two went to together.

By using your specified finger, you can access your PrivateSpace from the lockscreen with ease. It’s quick and completely natural, so no one will think any different before you hand them your phone.

Why is this important? To put it simply; security. This protects your information: contacts, texts, photos, social media, email, etc. from someone else gaining access. Even if you receive notifications from Facebook, text messages, email or anything else; they won’t come through while in the PrivateSpace. You can relax now when handing someone your phone

In this day and age, information is power. PrivateSpace also protects your “Main Space” from getting accessed when plugged into a computer for file transfer. When logged into your PrivateSpace and plugged into a computer, the computer recognizes a new whole file system and doesn’t expose files you’ve downloaded or stored or even photos taken while on your “Main Space”.

Privacy is becoming more important and EMUI offers security & privacy features for your benefit. What security features do you use on the daily?

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