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(EMUI Feature) Magazine Unlock-No longer to see the same wallpaper each time

last replied byjason,Mar 08, 2016 at 01:18AM

 by Noraa  ,

(EMUI Feature) Magazine Unlock-No longer to see the same wallpaper each time

Magazine unlock in EMUI provides a more exciting and varied lock screen.

No longer will user have to see the same wallpaper each time.

EMUI Magazine Unlock feature ensure that there are beautiful new lock screen images in store for you each time you turn on your screen! With a huge selection of stunning images on offer,





The wallpaper change each time the screen is activated and the wallpaper selection is constantly updates. Magazine unlocks promises a novel encounter each time the user activates the screen.We can add our photos as magazine unlock wallpapers.


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 by Ava90  ,

Wow nice,from this feature  phone is looking good, Thanks for sharing Noraa!!

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 by Emilyy  ,

Have been using this feature ! Works good J

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 by jacob11  ,

Thanks for Making it clear J its an awesome feature!!!

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 by Emmaa  ,

Good feature.. works very well, thank you Noraa!!!

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 by Jackson  ,

Very Helpful feature !! Keep sharing such features Noraa!!!!

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 by Isabella  ,

Wow amazing feature !!!! good noraa !

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 by Hunter  ,

Amazing...It has completely changed my phone from good to besssst...!

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 by EmmaH  ,

Its easy to use, looks good for phone, thank you Noraa, good job !!!

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 by Clark  ,

Really Awesome its Looking very nice in my phone!!

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 by jason  ,

Cooooool…It works perfectly =)

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