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(EMUI Feature) Can you open an application with your knuckle? Check out the #‎EMUI‬ feature.

last replied byHarris,Mar 10, 2016 at 06:39AM

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 by Emilyy  ,

Can you open an application with your knuckle? Check out the #‎EMUI‬ feature. 

EMUI has interesting gestures and motions for controlling your Huawei device. The options Draw Gestures. though this feature we can open the respected applications when your screen is lock. first enable the Draw Gesture then you can see Draw action  few letter are available which we can draw in after screen lock. when we take any latter for ex if i take  "Draw letter C" it will redirect to list of app where we can choose any. lock the screen and draw the letter app will be open.

Go to Settings>>Smart assistance>>Motion control>>Draw

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 by Brandon  ,

woowww very nice feature

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 by RayDanK  ,

What about the 5X this feature is also in there

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 by tom  ,

yes... it is also in 5X

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 by Emma  ,

This feature make us more easier to control the device

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 by Thomsan  ,

In draw action there should be more Draw latter.

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 by JohnNil  ,

Through this feature we can quickly open the apps.. :)

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 by smith  ,

very easy to use this feature

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 by jason  ,

very very interesting gestures!!

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 by frankedward  ,

Awsome feature!!! :D

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 by Sophia  ,

wooowww this is awsome!!!

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 by Mano  ,

it save our time.. no need to unlock the screen then go that particular app

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 by MartinL  ,

This is very nice feature of motion control in EMUI 

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 by Roberts  ,

Really nice :)

great job!!! 

Love it

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 by Harris  ,

letter are fixed only 4 apps we can select through these letter

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