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Do you need to check your look or maybe put your contact lens & you don't have a mirror?

last replied byHonor_ForTheBrave,Mar 17, 2016 at 11:55AM

 by huafans09365  ,

When you need a quick touch-up to beautifully revive your makeup, the Honor Camera Mirror Mode comes to your rescue everytime! 

Choose your favorite color to make your thread outstanding.

 by huafans0962  ,

Hey cool Feature..... I don't need to carry my mirror any more

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 by huafans0960  ,

Fun!!! Hahaha, wish it took video too....but then that's a cam app now. Maybe more light and way to take pics with timer to avoid blurry effect at times? Otherwise awesome feature...

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 by huafans0959  ,

Nice share

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 by huafans0958  ,

wow.. good feature..

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 by Mason  ,

Cool Mirror feature

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 by Honor_ForTheBrave  ,

That's a great feature. Thanks for sharing!

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