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Volume controls....

last replied byhuafans0913914,Oct 23, 2016 at 12:37AM

 by huafans0911197  ,

Struggling with volume controls on Marshmallow: 

1. is there a volume control for notifications only? (Am aware of MM removal, is there any feature in EMUI to control this?) It's always too loud in home & in the office, but turning down the ringtone makes my tones too soft to hear). Also doesn't seem to apply to hangouts and other notifications

2. Call volume: I seem to hit a value of perhaps "1" but can't go any lower. Given the crazy speaker volume on this device, I'd like something like ".3" for home at night.  Is this possible?

thanks in advance 

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 by HonorCustomerSupport  ,

Hello huawfans0911197, Thank you for reaching out to Honor! We understand your concern with the volume control and will be sending your request to our product development team to further analyze. We appreciate your business and please be patient on a fix for this issue. (NS)

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 by huafans0913914  ,

The phone in istself is fantastic. But it all amounts to nothing because of the silly EMUI garbage! Volume control is standard on EVERY other phone. It seems simple to me. Make the volume control more precise and not have such huge jumps with each level and give individual control for notifications. That simple change would have a huge improvment of the over all feel of the phone.

Stop trying to make the interface resemble an iPhone, Because its NOT an iPhone. And that reason there is exactly why I bought the phone. Because its NOT an iPhone. I want to get the Honor8 but I dont think I will because of EMUI. Use Cyanogen or something else instead. The bad sofware is killing an otherwise fantastic phone.

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