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Test Review: Honor 5X Software

last replied bykappu,Aug 11, 2016 at 01:56AM

 by Hayden  ,


The Honor 7 was the winner of the quality / price ratio in 2015, and its little brother, the Honor 5X, will also be sold at a very attractive price. We searched our test what Honor 5X has more than its competitors, the Moto X Play and Huawei GX8, and we also look at whether the price / quality ratio is still current. Find out in our review below.

While most exclusive Mate 8 requires the user to choose between a second SIM or additional storage capacity, the Honor 5X has the good taste to propose locations for a micro-SIM, a nano-SIM and microSD. It is possible to enjoy both the SIM dual function and to expand the memory of the device. As for audio quality conversation, it turns out pretty good, the caller and the callee heard clearly without unwelcome noise or dropouts. Finally, the GPS fix is one such model. The smartphone is able to locate in a handful of mere seconds, as you are also connected to the wireless network.

Software reliability tests (without failure)

Number of consecutive successful power-ons and power-offs (device continues working properly after the test)

10000 times

Number of consecutive wake-up operations (device properly enters sleep mode after the test)

100000 times

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 by Sophiamini  ,

Very Nice Review. Thank u so much for sharing

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 by Brandon  ,

This is very nice article and thanks for posting this informative article about Honor- 5x smartphone, It has a great features in minimal of cost.

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 by RayDanK  ,

Nice Review...Thanks for sharing..!!

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 by Emma  ,

With a metal body, dope finger print scanner and decent phone? I don't think there's a better one.

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 by Thomsan  ,

Fingerprint scanner is basically just a quick way to get into the phone because other than that it can't be used with android pay since their is no nfc on the phone.

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 by JohnNil  ,

No heating issues 
Playing Asphalt 8 airborne for 2 complete hours, just normal warmness

Occasional lags just when opening heavy appz.

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 by smith  ,

I have put my honor 5x in Charging from 9 % to 100% in just 1 hour 30 min..!! 

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 by jason  ,

Camera is great especially the front one..

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 by tom  ,

I choose honor 5x and also recommended to my friends, as it is lower than j7 and have finger print unlock system that galaxy j7 lacks. 

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 by frankedward  ,

Is it possible to transfer apps frm phone memory to SD card in honor 5x?

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 by Sophia  ,

Very very very nice mobile. Far better then Samsung j7. No problem. Very good camera result of front and rear. And very fast speed in net. Battery timeing is very good. Love u huawei..!!

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 by Mano  ,

Its an amazing phone with a law price ,DTS sound card ,VG battery (full day use lifetime) and fingerprint feature.

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 by MartinL  ,

I have both J7 and 5X...Believe me... 5X is far more better than J7..

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 by Roberts  ,

If your looking best camera quality smartphone, then buy Honor 5X without even thinking. I have been using from last 2 months, phone takes awesome photos without any lags.

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 by Harris  ,

Thanks for sharing...and please update for hardware test also.

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