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Support for HD Voice

last replied byhuafans092874,Apr 07, 2016 at 03:45AM

 by huafans092874  ,

Currently, I've got a Honor 3C which runs Android 4.4 and I've been thinking about getting me a Honor 5X, but I'd like to make sure it supports all the features I'm looking for. So my question is: Does the Honor 5X support HD Voice (AMR-WB)? If so, does it support AMR-WB in 3G networks (WCDMA/UMTS) only or also in 2G networks (GSM), given that the network provides AMR-WB, of course?

And what about Voice over LTE (VoLTE), does the Honor 5X support VoLTE at all? Does it use AMR-WB when doing VoLTE calls? I know that VoLTE availibility is highly depending on what the network provides, I just would like to know what the phone actually can do.

Another feature I'm looking for is device encryption. My Honor 3C does not support encyption. I think I read that all newer Android versions should support full disk encryption, but I don't recall if that came with Android 5 or 6. So does the Honor 5X have full disk encryption?


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 by honor  ,

Hello Valued Customer, at this time HD Voice as well as VOLTE is not a function supported by the 5X, We are always looking for ways to improve our product so I will forward this inquiry to our product engineers. The 5X does come with built in phone Encryption which can be accesed via the settings app. I' ve also noticed you mentioned having an Honor 3C which is not sold or supported in the United States. If you plan on purchasing the 5X outside of the US I would also recommend checking the specificatons for the 5X in your local area as it may differ from the version we offer in the US. (DM)

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