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Some honor 5X Secret Features You Don't Want to Miss!

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 by Richie  ,


After using the honor 5X for several days, I am still finding some valuable features that I'd like to share with everyone.

Secret 1: 

Fingerprint unlocking does exactly what you want it to!

Many phones, especially mid-range to high-end ones, have fingerprint unlock features. I think the honor 5X fingerprint unlock feature does the best job doing exactly what most people want it to do.

First, unlocking works exactly as it should. The honor 5X fingerprint unlocking 2.0 technology works with your finger from almost any direction and always quickly unlocks.

Next, fingerprint recognition can do more on the honor 5X.

Fingerprint unlocking 2.0 technology touch control functions, touching the fingerprint sensor one time only (using any finger):

Touch the fingerprint sensor once to go back to the previous screen.

Touch control functions — touch and hold:

Touch and hold the sensor — return to the home screen

Touch and hold when on the camera viewfinder screen — take a picture

Touch and hold the fingerprint sensor when on the incoming call screen — answer the call

Touch and hold the fingerprint sensor on the ringing alarm screen — stop the alarm

Touch control functions – swipe:

Swipe up on the fingerprint sensor — show recently used apps.

Swipe down on the fingerprint sensor — show the system notification panel. Double touch the fingerprint sensor to clear notifications and then swipe up to close the panel.


When the screen is off, you can use fingerprints to dial a number. Place one finger against the fingerprint sensor to dial a number; each finger can be linked to one contact. Using the fingerprint sensor when the screen is off will directly open the dialer app and you can touch once more to call.


Secret 2: 

Three cards, an improvement inside that opens up new possibilities

Swapping SIM cards between slots is supported for all carriers and networks. Both card slots support 4G cards. There is no primary or secondary card slot. You can freely choose to use the mobile data service from any card slot and can insert following: nano-SIM, micro-SIM, and microSD. Compared with a double nano-SIM card setup, there is double the compatibility and the internal space for cards has been increased.

Secret 3:

A smarter camera for you to enjoy

The honor camera app in the honor 5X not only takes pictures, but also has Time-lapse, Beauty, and Good food modes. 

When taking pictures, you can get a lot of different kinds of results to appear. It feels a bit like the camera on an iPhone! With being able to switch lenses, it's really beautiful.

The many different choices of filters are also really nice. For those who love to post on facebook, this is an easy to use tool for working with pictures. The rotate, cut, and adjust functions included show how intelligent the EMUI 3.1 camera really is.

Secret 4:

Fun slow-motion; slow down your world 

In the camera setting is a slow-motion option. Touch it to play your video in slow motion! Give it a try and, after you take a video, slow everything down!

By dragging the blue progress bar, you can choose the part you want to slow down.


In general, for the price of 200 USD, I personally feel like this phone is a real deal!

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 by Honor_ForTheBrave  ,
That multi-function fingerprint scanner looks like an awesome feature!
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 by lauriedesautels  ,

Great info! Thanks Richie..;)

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 by HonorHonor  ,

Actually nine wants to miss any of the Honors feat

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 by Duodcd  ,

Woh. Using different fingerprints for different contacts is a big feature for me. How many fingerprints can you store and use? Can you use all your fingers?

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 by Hata28  ,

I already pre-ordered thru Amazon and getting on Tuesday. Hope you can provide the free premium headset like you do on your website if buying from 

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 by Mat  ,

The fingerprint scanner is so fast and responsive, way to go honor !!! Honor for the brave !!!

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 by huafans099547  ,

Awesome phone! I wish it worked with sprint so I could Chuck my work iPhone!  How do I get the fingerprint scanner to log into PayPal and my back like my iPhone does?

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 by huafans0933703  ,

That's great to know. Got my Honor 5x 2 days ago and just waiting on the case/screen protector to come in

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