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SMS font and Static Lockscreen

last replied byCirgiose,Feb 27, 2016 at 11:40AM

 by Cirgiose  ,


First off wanted to comment the HONOR development team on giving me such a balanced device - Honor 5x is my daily driver now, since I was looking for a dual SIM setup and it worked out pretty well for my needs, thank you )

Have a couple of questions though - is it possible to interact with Lockscreen notifications - if you were to click on a notification, it would take you right to the application, instead of being just static?

And while in SMS thread and try to zoom out to make fonts smallest, as soon as you exit it undoes to previous font size?

Appreciate your help, thank you 

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 by Taylor  ,

Hi Cirgiose, the Huawei lock screen has a different behavior from the stock Android lock screen. On the honor 5X, you must swipe notifications to the left or right to open the application.

You can also change the system font size by going to Settings > Display > Font size

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 by Cirgiose  ,

Thank you, Taylor!

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