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Seeking a phone with metal body, fingerprint sensor, and an octa-core processor. Any Recommendations

last replied byThomsan,Jan 22, 2016 at 03:20AM

 by Albert  ,

I wanted a phone with pure metal body, fingerprint recognition, large internal memory, and an octa-core processor. After a long search, I found three MOTO models, all lacked fingerprint recognition and the 200 USD models used a plastic body. I felt frustrated. Some models had fingerprint recognition and a metal phone body, but the quality of the body was not better than that of a plastic one. Just as I was about to give up, I found the Honor 5X. What is your opinion about Honor 5X?

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 by emily  ,

Honor 5X has an awesome unique function that leads me affectionately call it "the instant unlock machine."

The reason I call it "the instant unlock machine" is that when using fingerprint recognition to unlock the phone, it takes only 0.5 seconds to unlock! 0.5 second! Basically, as soon as your finger touches the scanner, the phone is unlocked.

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 by ethan  ,

It's true, Honor 5X is an outstanding smart phone.Honor 5X unlock time is not that much faster as iPhone 6S, maybe a few milliseconds difference and that doesn't feel like a huge difference. Apart from this Honor 5X brings more new fingerprint features, including fingerprint inbound and outbound calling, fingerprint APP opening, fingerprint photo taking, and even fingerprint notification management. 

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 by Thomsan  ,

Honor 5x come with premium METALLIC BODY, Design by diamond-polished aluminum alloy. Special brushing technique at the back also ensures you get a decent grip and you won’t need to worry about the device slipping out of your palms. It also has Fingerprint identification 2.0 and 64-bit Octa-core processor.

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