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New update just wiped everything?

last replied byhuafans0921900,Dec 30, 2016 at 00:47AM

last edited byhuafans099941,Jul 31, 2016 at 8:30PM

 by huafans099941  ,

I just saw a notification on my settings icon, so I went in and went to update.

After updating I lost all my settings/contacts/apps....it just completely reset my device. WTF? :(

Update: Still shows an available quick update. Ironically enough it says it will not delete my applications!

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 by root  ,

did you update from B151 or from B331?

here also someone updated apparently from Anroid 5.1 and lost all settings and content.


what update does it show available now? same D003?

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 by huafans099941  ,

I actually already had EMUI 4.0 before I tried this update. It looks like it wants me to go to some custom version?!? Which failed to install last time, or something?!?

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 by huafans099695  ,

Same thing happened to me. I went through the update, and when it was done, I went into Settings and it showed there was another update available. I did that update, and it completely reset my phone, got rid of my Google Launcher. I had to re-enter my fingerprint and everything else.

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 by huafans099695  ,

BTW, I had already updated to Marshmallow a week and a half ago!

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 by huafans099690  ,

Yes, my problem, too! Exactly the same issues.

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 by huafans0910106  ,

Same problem here. Also, I had done the manual update to Marshmallow couple of weeks ago. 

In addition, not only I lost all the apps and the data, but the internal storage capacity recongnized by the 

phone is only 1.97 GB instead of 16 GB. This is crazy.

When I called customer service, they told me that they new about the problem with the update 3 days ago. I don't

understand why they didn't stop pushing it. I got the update notification today in the evening. 

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 by huafans0910110  ,

Same issue. Wiped EVERYTHING. Worst part is that it made the TOTAL INTERNAL STORAGE 1.96GB...!?!? So it started trying to download apps and immediately ran out of storage and wouldn't move anything to SD Card. Wtf. 

This was a major pain and waste of A LOT of time resetting and reinstalling things and trying to fix this. 


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 by huafans0910111  ,

Same thing has happened to me.

Got the manual update for marshmallow a week or so ago.

Now I get this and another update when the phone is done resetting and it completely wiped my phone of downloaded items, settings, apps and my storage reads as only 2gb and 99% full.

Wtf am I to do gere

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 by huafans0910112  ,
Same thing happened to me just now - not good, I hope there is a way to recover what was lost prior to the wipe... I'm sure several of us have spent hours upon hours perfecting our apps and UI, only to lose it all in an instant.  Not to mention the photos, videos, and songs loaded to the device storage....

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 by huafans099695  ,

Hi everyone,

I'm posting this email I got today in hopes that it will be able to help you. It helped me. Phone is working fine now. Internal memory shows 9+ GB of available space.

Btw, do your backup BEFORE starting this procedure.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for Contacting Huawei.

This email is in reference to the concern regarding storage and data lost issue. We value the importance of information requested by you and we are happy to assist you.

In response to your mail, we would like to inform you that in update process your device data will get lost. So we always recommend to take backup before update your device. Marshmallow update is larger then Lollipop version. So go with below process for free some memory.

In response to your email, we would like to inform you that do the hard reset of device.

First take the backup of the device internal storage (contacts, message, apps, media files),

Then power off the device and press volume up and power key together for 10 to 15 seconds,

Then your device will go in recovery mode. In this mode you have to select wipe data factory reset and confirm the data delete by pressing "YES" option.

Then again device will come in recovery mode. Then choose reboot system now option then your device will get on.

Note: Please take the backup of data in this process your device data will lost.

You may follow below procedure for taking backup in SD card.

Tools>> Backup>> New backup.

Kindly note that device should have SD card to take the backup.

Backup can be taken, if the phone is in “Power ON” condition.

In Marshmallow update there is not feature to move apps to SD card. So we would recommend you to move all media files to the SD card. Further, we have taken your feedback.

For your convenience, our support staff is available 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM, 7 days a week. Please call us at 18002109999 (Toll free) for immediate support. 

We will be more than happy to assist you.  

Honor Support Team 
TOLL FREE NO – 18002109999(9:00 AM to 9:00 PM – All Days)

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 by AuraofVengeance  ,

So, I saw the update as well. I was currently on android 6.0 and emui 4.0. Did this update revert everyone back to android 5.1.1 and emui 3.1? because that's certainly what my phone is saying now and my storage is completely messed up and only showing 129MB free out of 16GB. 

Good job guys, stellar update. I would suggest you officially post an update soon about this and weather you have a fix for the storage issue and if the 6.0 update is fine to install now or if we should wait until GPS issues are fixed in 6.0.

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 by huafans099695  ,


There is an inaccuracy in the above statement:

"In Marshmallow update there is not feature to move apps to SD card."

This is NOT true.

I have moved several apps to my SD card with Android 6.01. Here's how:

Go to Settings / Apps / then click on the app you want to move. Next click on Storage. Now, if the app is able to be moved, on the next screen you will see a large button marked Change. When you click on this, it will give you an option to move your app to your SD card.

Note: Not all apps can be moved to the SD card. But if you have as many apps as I do, you'll probably be able to move about a dozen of them to the card. Just keep checking your apps one by one until you find the ones with the Change button. It's time-consuming, but simple.

Hope this helps!

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 by AuraofVengeance  ,

So my phone is back to 5.1.1 and i had to factory reset it again since the storage volume was incorrectly reporting it was full. So great 6.01, but that's not the problem either. I could manually update all over again but my GPS malfunctioning was also an issue in 6.01. I do not intend on manually or OTA updating until that is fixed and they actually say something about it being fixed.

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 by huafans099941  ,

So, has anyone heard/seen anything?

Has anyone tried upgrading a second time? I still see the option to upgrade.

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 by huafans0910155  ,

I am livid! This was a 500kb "quick update" that explicitly noted that it would not delete information. Now I have a phone with no contacts, text messages, apps, photos, or customized settings. The only thing it left was Marshmallow!!! I even had to re enroll my fingerprint and pin information. Huawei! What did you do?!

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