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New Software Update Now Available For Honor 5X

last replied byWill,Jan 18, 2017 at 11:49AM

 by Honor_USA  ,

Starting today, honor 5X devices in the US will begin to receive an over-the-air software update. To check for the update, please go to Settings > Updater > Check for updates. This is a staged rollout, so it could take up to a week for your device to receive the update. We plan to upload the full firmware file to our support site for users that want to manually install it. Please leave any feedback on the update in our honor 5X forums.

Enhancements in the latest software build (KIW-L24C567B140) include:

  • Android security patch level for January 2016

  • Updated honor icons

  • Additional enhancements

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 by Mac  ,
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 by Taylor  ,

Hi Mac, the honor 5X will be updated to Android M, but no date has been released. You will know it is coming soon when we begin to recruit users to help test it.

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 by mrjlwilliams  ,

Thanks Taylor.  Update to M or not, this phone is super sweet.

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 by Xv8Crisis  ,

Great news on the update. What icons were updated? What enhancements? 

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 by Liightskiin  ,

Waiting for update on there firmware page 

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 by Bdking2  ,

Great day.  Received my phone in the mail and got the upgrade right away.

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 by DSM  ,


First of all I'm obessessed with the Honor 5X and I would love to know if you are interested in giving me the honor to be your ambassador brand here in morocco?

Thank you, I'm looking forward to hear from you.

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 by i2000s  ,

I haven't received the update here, but I will be the tester! My review is continuing on at the review contest thread: http://club.hihonor.com/us/topic-436-1

Feedbacks are welcome, as this is my first phone review report! Thank you guys!

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 by MTimeTraveller  ,

Yay! New phone new update 

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 by joet50  ,

Sounds like new phones booting up for the first time are getting the update.  Anyone who's had their phone for a couple weeks get it? 

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 by Liightskiin  ,

I've had my phone for about two weeks now and I'm also I'm canada sucks that first boot phones are getting the update first 

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 by lazyb  ,

If this is the roll out for the january sercurity update we are in for a long road too marshmellow. 

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 by Wildwest  ,

I've had my phone since February 2nd and I've yet to get the update. But it's the middle of February and they're just now getting January's security patch? That doesn't sound to good. I mean it's a little behind. Why would you push out January's patch in the middle of February. Seems like that marshmallow that was promised will be months and months away. On the other hand at least they did push out an update, even though I haven't got it yet.

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 by ted  ,

Please make the update available on the download page. Thank you.

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 by unclejoe  ,

l just received this valuable device and love it. thanks for the new item.

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