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I have the phone review posted, please help vote up for the hardwork at least!

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 by i2000s  ,

Update on Feb 28: The complete review is now online: http://club.hihonor.com/us/topic-436 Please vote up for my hardwork of updating day by day. Thanks.

Dear community members,

I am reviewing the phone.

As promised in another thread, I will be guiding you to my review posts. A couple of weeks ago, when I was looking for a middle-level smartphone to upgrade, I was pocking around and was lucky enough that I got enrolled into a phone review contest from Huawei for the newest announced Honor 5X unit in the USA on my birthday. Today I received the device! I am not affiliated with any business/company, and am still in school now. I hope my review can give you a better idea how this phone performs, and I also want to have your opinion and comments on whether this phone is good for me to purchase in the near future. I am no sense an expert, but with your feedback and requests of reviewing, I believe, I can give a solid test and review report on the phone model.

As the rule of the review contest, I got a free use until the 29th of this month. If my review fit your eyes, please vote for me at http://club.hihonor.com/us/topic-436 on the official review thread! If I get a lot of votes, I may get the phone for free after the due day. Again, I was not paid to say if the phone is good or not and I don't have to bias. Only your opinion and review requests matter to me. Please let me know how do you think I should review the device!

To wrap up, I will be using the official site to check your comments and post my review reports. To post your comments or vote for me, you need firstly to register a free Huawei forum account through the official site at http://club.hihonor.com/us/index (on the righttop coner) if you haven't. Then please go to my review thread at http://club.hihonor.com/us/topic-436 or check other reviews on the same official forum! Thank you for posting comments and voting for me! I have posted my first impression there tonight!



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 by i2000s  ,

The first report is there: http://club.hihonor.com/us/topic-436  Thank you for commenting and voting! 

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 by i2000s  ,

 The complete review is now online: http://club.hihonor.com/us/topic-436 Please vote up for my hardwork of updating day by day. Otherwise, this contest may become to compare among the contesters how many friends and relatives s/he can call up to vote. Thanks!

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 by Honor_ForTheBrave  ,

Thank you for sharing your review!

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 by cmatt  ,

I just voted :)

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