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honor 5X:An Elegant Handset that Delivers on All Levels

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 by Richie  ,

The Honor 5X is a flagship handset that boasts a fingerprint sensor, all-metal body, and full carrier support for just 200 USD.

Inside the box:

‍‍The Honor 5X ships in the familiar, minimalist blue box. Contents include a 5 V 1 A charger, a smoother dirt-resistant USB cable, a SIM card removal tool, and a warranty card.‍‍

The Honor 5X looks great and is a pleasure to use.

l   A slick screen and bezel and beveled sides give the phone a polished finish. The handset is quite thin and has a slightly convex back that makes it a pleasure to hold.

l   Weighing just 158 g, the 5X is light enough to use with just one hand. It is just one gram heavier than the Honor 7, although this difference is imperceptible.

With a 5.5-inch screen, you can manipulate the phone easily with one hand. If you have smaller hands, you can use EMUI 3.1's one-hand mode, which makes navigation a breeze (more info on this to follow). 

A polished finish

The phone's golden fascia sports a clean design which is enhanced by a golden rim running around the perimeter.

At the top of the phone, from left to right, are the light sensor, proximity sensor, front camera, and earpiece. The earpiece is protected by dust-proof gauze. Although not visible, an indicator LED is located to the right of the earpiece, hence the apparent lack of symmetry. The indicator lights up when you receive messages, or while charging.

The bottom of the phone has a clean look, although some users find that the virtual navigation keys use up critical screen real estate. The navigation bar can actually be customized to prevent this.

The top of the phone is beautiful. The contoured golden plastic strip is bordered by metallic golden edges and further adorned by the textured anti-slip finish on the phone back. The discrete 3.5mm earphone jack and noise-reducing microphone are located here.

The phone's designers have included a little surprise. If you turn the phone face-down, you will notice that the USB socket and screws combine to form a smiley face. This is flanked on either side by symmetrical sets of holes for the microphone and loudspeaker.

The SIM card slots are located on the left of the phone. The pin holes are positioned at either extremity for a symmetrical look. The upper slot can take a micro-SIM card, while a nano-SIM or microSD card can be inserted into the lower slot. This allows you to use two SIM cards at once, or to expand your phone's internal storage space.

On the right of the phone are the metallic volume and power buttons. They have a textured finish and sturdy construction, which means you don't need to worry about them breaking from intensive use. By locating these at the top of the phone, the lower portion of the phone is easier to grip.

The designers have spared no effort when designing the rear of the phone:

l   The entire back cover is made using CNC-milled aircraft grade aluminium, which is polished on both sides.

l   The cover is brushed using a unique technique that works on profiled surfaces, giving a consistent, polished finish.

l   The phone has sand blasted matte sides, which contrast with the shiny, CNC-milled beveled edges.

l   The rear logo is laser-etched for a more subdued, premium look.

In a nutshell, this is a truly beautiful handset on every level.

The rear camera is located in the center of the phone and protrudes from the rear cover slightly. A metal rim around the outside protects it from bumps and scratches. The camera can take stunning 13 MP photos, which is more than enough for everyday shooting.

To the left of the camera is an LED flash which helps illuminate your subject and which doubles as a handy LED torch. On first sight, the LED looks like it is slightly recessed, but when viewed from the side you can see it has a transparent cover which keeps the dust out. Please keep checking back for detailed reviews of the camera.

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 by chui  ,

Perfect Little Phone that gets the job done!!! for 199 usd its a no brainer.Great Review.The Finger Print gestures are an added feature and the fact that the alarms still go off when phone is turned off is Great too.The Hardware Finishing feels premium and have Friends who asked me where i can get the Phone!!!

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 by Honor_ForTheBrave  ,

Wow, looks like a great device! Love the color! The 5.5-inch screen will be perfect for movies and social media.

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 by Cletus  ,

Nice creative touch to the craftmanship by adding that smiley face at the bottom

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 by Richie  ,


you can DIY the icon of the bar as your wish.

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 by HonorHonor  ,

I won't lie, I truly love myself for loving this phone 

Please God give me strength 

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 by Tom1  ,

No earplug?

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