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Honor 5X Froze After Update

last replied byhuafans0910144,Aug 08, 2016 at 05:52AM

 by huafans0910213  ,

I just received my brand new Honor 5X from eBay last week. Got my SIM from TPO and activated it today.  The phone proceeded to do a firmware update and has now been frozen in the "Honor the Brave" / "Android" screen for over an hour.  I have attemped to shut it down, to reboot it with volume -, connect it to the HiSuite via USB - NOTHING works. NOTHING.  The HiSuite is useless; it doesn't even detect the phone.  The recovery mode is of no help either because HiSuite does not see the phone either.  No matter what I do, I get the same frozen "Honor for the Brave" message mocking me.  

HiSuite tells me to take it to a nearest dealer.  Unfortunately, Huawei web app shows nothing in North America.  

I guess, I must not be THAT brave. 

I expect my new phone to work regardless of how intrepid the ownner is. 

Perhaps this is not the proper forum for this, but I wonder where else I can turn

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 by huafans0910144  ,

Go to the support page and download the 5.1.1 or the 6.0.1 (depending on what you want to do) to your computer. Unzip the file, copy the dload folder to the root of a micro SD card and put it in your phone (while turned off). Hold the up volume and down volume together then hold the power button for a couple seconds then release all three buttons. The phone should now automatically install that software.

After the install, the first boot may take longer than expected but still only a minute or two.

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