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 by TDGadget  ,


What are the benifits of the Honor 5X/EMUI for a middle schooler going to a extremly technology oriented school. Middle school uses Google Apps for Education, PowerSchool, etc.... Also, is there a way to know I have a notification without turning on screen (besides vibration, sound)? 


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 by honor  ,

Hello TDGadget, the 5X is a great product for anyone who uses Google Apps. With it being an Android device which is built around a lot of Google apps, you should be right at home using the 5X. As well the 5X starts at a price point that doesn't alienate a lot of young buyers. (DM)

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 by TDGadget  ,

Is there a LED notification light or Always On Screen?

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 by Cleric670  ,

There is a light on the display side of the phone that will illuminate and flash if you have a notification. It will function in silent mode as well, it is fairly small though so if you were relying solely on it you might miss a notification. It also functions as a charge indicator when the phone is plugged in with different colors for different battery charge levels <red-low, white-med, green-high charge>.

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