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Bluetooth Connectivity Issues - connection constantly dropping for seconds at time

last replied byhuafans096425,Apr 24, 2016 at 5:25PM

 by Zikeji  ,

I've been unable to listen to music in my car because of this issue. It seems like the Bluetooth is having connection issues. My music stops for a good second to fifteen seconds and then starts back up as if it had never stopped (the music isn't being paused). I've noticed it seems to stop streaming data to my stereo as well.

Anyone else experiencing these issues? Happening in my car and with my BT headphones.

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 by Wildwest  ,

Sometimes when I have it hooked up to my fm transmitter in my car through BT it cuts out for a split second but it rarely happens. I wasn't for sure if it was BT or Spotify. But maybe it is the BT. It doesn't happen enough to be frusterating or anything but it does happen on occasion.

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 by huafans092024  ,

I'm experiencing the same issue.  I have a bluetooth device which reliably stays connected to another smartphone, but with the Honor 5X keeps disconnecting.

This makes the Bluetooth practically useless.

Is Huawei working on a fix?

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 by huafans096425  ,

Seme for me :/  Is there any chance for fix?

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