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A Look at How the NO NONSENSE Product Has Been Defined

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The honor 5X entered the market claiming to NO NONSENSE, 200 USD flagship product. How exactly should a product satisfy the consumer? In this article, we investigate what separates the honor 5X from the crowd.

The honor 5X is clearly ahead of the competition at the 200 USD price segment. Its fingerprint recognition, metal case and 2 GB phone internal storage raise the bar for 200 USD flagship models. The honor 5X combines good value and fast technology for its users – in particular, students.


Before taking a look at the phone's specifics, let's take a look at the phone's exterior. That's right: The honor 5X has the same casing with the trademark Honor blue base. The phone is rectangular. 

The honor 5X's packaging is a return to the earliest design. Perhaps this represents a continuation of the Honor tradition; perhaps it is based on faith in the brand.

In summary: The honor 5X is manufactured mostly of metal (aviation-grade aluminum). The exterior is polished with a high-speed CNC diamond cutter. The phone also has decorative raised metal curved lines. The lines and polishing give the phone a superior look overall. Furthermore, the side of the 5X is treated with high-speed spraying, creating a metallic matt finish. The logo on the back of the phone is laser-sculpted. The spray finish means that users' fingers do not leave a mark on the case, allowing a cleaner look.


The honor 5X measures 151.3 mm x 76.3 mm x 8.15 mm and weighs 158 g. Users can choose from 3 colors: sunset gold, twilight grey, and dawn silver. The subject of this review is the sunset gold model. The 5X is not only a fashionable choice, but also has a businesslike feel.

In terms of battery life, the honor 5X has a 3000 mAh super-size lithium battery which supports 2 A chargers, greatly reducing charging time. Official figures show that the 5X supports 10 hours of video playback, 48 hours of MP3 playback and approximately 5 hours of Internet usage.

The honor 5X is made from aviation-quality aluminum, and is high-speed spray painted to a matt finish with a metal body. Together with the CNC chamfering, the texture is exceptional. The loudspeaker is at the base of the phone and there is a symmetrical pair of diamond studs. The back of the phone is in three panels, with the fingerprint scanner and the camera in the center and the logo laser-sculpted on.

A new highlight of the 5X is the triple metal card slot design. There are nano-SIM, micro-SIM and microSD slots, with support for two cards at once and no specific slot for each card or primary card slot. There is up to 128 GB in extra storage space. Are you still worried about having two SIM cards but insufficient internal storage space?


Standing out from the crowd – isn't it enough that for $199 you get a phone with 2 GB + 2 GB RAM, all-metal body, fingerprint ID, 13 MP camera, 5.5" HD screen?

honor 5X is good value for money. Loaded with a 616 processor (Adreno 504 GPU), it uses a 28 nm HPM, with 4 main-frequency 1.5 GHz/main frequency 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53 cores, and supports 64-bit. GPU is Adreno 405, main frequency 550 MHz, with support for Open GL ES 3.0, 2K resolution screen and H.265 video decoding.

The Honor performs best in the fingerprint ID technology: fingerprint screen unlock is instantaneous and the sensor works no matter what angle your finger presses it. There is fingerprint sensor payment and call function from when the screen is turned off. The 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera, all-focus, close-up HDR, Beauty – the 5X has them all. The Phone manager is also a nice touch. Also, the 5X has dealt with the longstanding issues of applications running in the background on Android with several settings and virtual keys that get rid of background apps in one touch. Such a well-equipped model, for $199 is a must for anyone who lays their eyes on it. The honor 5X: a fingerprint ID and metal-body phone, for 199 USD. As I used the phone, I really did appreciate the manufacturer's claim that this phone was redefining the $199.99 market!

Finally, I'll sum up the pros and cons of the honor 5X:


1. Metal body, light, sits well in the hand, simple and unfussy appearance

2. New highlight: Fingerprint ID 2.0

3. Android 5.1+EMUI 3.1 (new features worth a look)

4. Support for full frequency and 128 GB RAM extension

5. Three card slots (nano-SIM, micro-SIM, microSD) – the beginning of a new era

A phone stands out by taking the path less traveled. It performs best by not conforming. I have my own path, the path less traveled. Perform, don't conform. – The honor 5X ,NO NONSENSE.

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 by Honor_ForTheBrave  ,

Amazing device for such a great deal at 200 USD!

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