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$199?let's look at the system and features of honor 5X

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Large screen phones are in vogue at the moment; they make movie playback and game-play easy. With the advent of the big screen phone era, the age of one-hand phones is coming to an end. Phone producers are working hard to acclimatize to the new environment; the Honor 5X can be used with one hand, which its dimensions are more than adequate for.

Many users no doubt eagerly await the ability to quickly launch apps when the screen is off and to restore from when the screen is off. In that case, the honor 5X will not disappoint; it supports double touch restore and allows users to quickly launch apps by drawing a letter on the screen. Go to Settings > All > Motion control > Double touch and turn on the setting. 

The honor 5X has two themes to choose from. The first features a simple home screen; the other is a standard home screen. Users can choose based on individual preference. The themes support subtitling too – making life that bit more fun.

The EMUI 3.1 however includes an easily configured setting that allows users to monitor data usage and fluctuations in Internet speed in real time. You need never again worry about a bad connection. This feature can be enabled in Settings > All > Display.

Do you find that there is no display of remaining battery percentage on your new phone? This will no doubt be a difficult point for consumers with an eye for the details. So, when you have purchased your new phone, all you need do to show the battery percentage is to go to Settings > All > Battery and turn on.

The EMUI 3.1 also has new features that allow users to hide applications, swipe down to reveal recently used applications, and take snapshots when the screen is turned off. These shortcuts all make users' lives easier. Simply draw your fingers outwards across the screen to access Hidden apps, where you can add your private apps that you don't want others to know about. Just draw a finger down the side of the screen to access recently used apps.

Fingerprint identification: the EMUI 3.1 provides a simple, effective feature: Guest Mode. Simply put, fingerprint ID means users can access one of two modes (owner and guest) through different screen unlock systems. In Guest Mode you can hide photos, contacts, and apps. The Honor 5X is loaded with an all-new Fingerprint 2.0, which integrates fingerprint ID technology into applications. It includes fingerprint unlock, payment, encryption, photo-taking, lock and other extremely useful mobile applications. It only takes 15 seconds to enroll a fingerprint.

Users can slide down on the fingerprint sensor to display the notification panel.

In Fingerprint management, you can enable your fingerprint to be used to unlock the screen, access the safe, access app lock, and verify your Huawei ID.


Reviewing photos on EMUI 3.1: There is a new map mode in the Gallery that is more eye-catching. Save all your photos and images here. Go to Menu > Settings and choose whether or not to show location information. You can also choose how to display your photos in the menu; you can see a slideshow.

You can share individual photos to other social media platforms. Of course, you need to be logged in to these platforms on your phone to share quickly and easily.

In the viewfinder, the honor 5X has the Food mode for gourmets to take their fill of photos. In terms of special effects, the honor 5X is similar to the iPhone. It has 8 special modes: Valencia, Sweet, Sentimental, Blue, Mono, Vintage, Halo, and Individuality.

in Adjust, Beauty, Mosaic, Graffiti, Watermark and Label features.

The honor 5X can rotate, crop, filter, adjust, beauty, mosaic, graffiti, watermark and label individual pictures. The 5X has 16 filter effects: Demist, Valencia, Halo, Valencia, Childhood, Dawn, Sweet, Dusk, Pure, Illusion, Mono, Vintage, Blue, Handsome, Sentimental, and Individuality.


The honor 5X has a 5.5" 1080p screen, loaded with a snapdragon 616 processor (Adreno 504 GPU) with 28 nm HPM. These contain four Cortex-A53 cores at 1.5 GHz or 1.2 GHz, supporting 64-bit. GPU is Adreno 405 with 550 MHz, supporting codecs OpenGL ES 3.0 and 2K resolution and H.265. Inside is a 2 GB RAM, and 16 GB of phone internal storage. In addition, the phone has a 5 M front camera and 14 M back camera. It has the all-new EMUI 3.0 system and runs Android 5.1.1.

As displayed, the honor 5X scores around 34,000 on the test, unlike some of the phone's peers which pass the 50,000 mark. The honor 5X does after all cost around 200 USD and it does come with fingerprint ID technology. You can't have everything you want in life: The phone has to come together around a certain topic. That, together with cost limitations, inevitably leads to compromises.

In balancing its camera and other features, the Honor has taken some daring initiative

In the HTML5 test, the honor 5X performed pretty well. There wasn't much difference with many other trademark models. Instead of buying those big brand phones, I think for these numbers there isn't much difference between brands. Unless you often play games – are you a frequent player? When we get a new phone, is it really for the specifications? I think it's more because we are curious about new creations.

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 by JohnStar  ,

the camera seem fantastic!

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 by Truefan  ,

Agreed with johnstar, you can do a lot of things with this camera...

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 by eriklee  ,

The phone is a great deal, although it seems to cannibalize Huawei's own GX8. 

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 by chui  ,

Unfortunately it does kill any chance of the Gx8 succeeding.

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 by Scrappy610  ,

It seems that way, unless they have a different marketing plan for the two devices.

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 by Honor_ForTheBrave  ,

That camera is awesome! I'm excited to check out the "Perfect Seflie" mode it has as well!

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 by Glog  ,

good boy

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 by Elpcmaster  ,

Nice presentation. :)

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