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King of the TV remote

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The IR Blaster, commonly used in TV remotes. This simple piece of tech allows you to control things from: TVs, set top boxes, and various other media players. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the remote. Maybe someone moved it from its original position, misplaced it or it fell between the sofa cushions again. Regardless, something that is normally always with you is your smartphone.

If your smartphone is always with you, why can’t you just use that? Many smartphones can't but luckily, the Honor View10 can! It contains an IR blaster which can be programmed to control a myriad of devices. You can program it to control the TV in the restaurant so you can watch a game they aren’t playing!


Simply open the Smart Remote app, tap on the appropriate device you want to control, then select from the list of brands according to your device. Lastly, follow the prompts to finish the setup

Easy! Now you can control your TV with ease using the Honor View10.

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