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Just bought the Honor View 10! I'm impressed but... Here's a suggestion

last replied byHonor-Chris,Jul 12, 2018 at 6:10PM

 by huafans0715902709  ,

loving most of the software from EMUI, packed with useful features! I came over from the one plus 5T, your direct competition honor! After using both phones I prefer the view 10 rather than the 5T BUT one thing sticks out like a sore thumb and that's the front facing camera! For one, when I open up the camera, I'm met with a very slow framerate on the screen, if I smile the screen catches up a second and a half later. Please fix that! And the most important thing is there's no manual exposure control for the front facing camera! When taking a selfie the front camera tends to over expose which could easily be corrected with manual controls for that, these are my only gripes with the phone but these are some big issues that should be addressed, I love the phone and this is nothing but constructive criticism because I want to help you make a even better device! I would love to see you fix those problems in the next software update honor! Thank you!

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 by huafans0715471201  ,

I agree with the over-exposure of the front-facing camera. It over exposes a lot. Do love the phone though! I would also like a manual exposure for the front-facing camera too.

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 by Honor-Chris  ,

Thanks for your feedback! I too find the exposure to be a bit high

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