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Honor View10 now has EIS!

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 by Honor-Chris  ,

At launch, the Honor View10 did not support EIS. Receiving feedback and listening to consumers, Honor pushed out a July update which included this feature (but was not mentioned in the changelog). EIS (if you don't know) stands for electronic image stabilization . Meaning the processor (including the NPU) will stabilize your video recording by predicting movements and ensuring the video is stabilized to the best of its ability. This gives you smooth videos and not jittery shaky recordings seen on other devices. This feature was implemented into the recent July update Build: 110(C567) for BKL-L04

To enable this feature:

Open your camera app, head over to video, then open the settings (the cog icon in the top right). Scroll down and toggle "Stabilizer". This is only available for 1080p at 30fps though. 



Share with us your stabilized videos below!

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