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Honor View 10 Additional settings problem

last replied byHonor-Chris,Aug 10, 2018 at 1:19PM

 by huafans0913414  ,

I purchased an Honor View 10 and really like the phone. It has all the features I wanted. There is one problem that I need to bring to your attention. In  the Call settings screen there is a catagory called Additional Settings to turn on or turn off call waiting and choices for Caller ID. When accessing this option it shows a message of " Turn on the radio before viewing these settiings." The radio slider shows being on but won't allow access to the other settings. You cannot turn the slider off.  If you touch OK it shuts that option off. This is not a carrier issue as I have the same sim card in another phone and it works just fine. It seems to be a software issue. A fix for this issue would be appreciated as I cannot hide my number if I don't want to have it show up on the person I am calling.. I'm just wondering if anyone else is having this problem.   

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 by Honor-Chris  ,

Hey thanks for posting! On my View10 running on T-Mobile, Im able to select "hide number" in the Caller ID settings. Call waiting is still on as well. 

You could try clearing cache/data in the phone app and reset network settings. Try restarting your phone. Last restort is factory reset. 


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 by Honor-Chris  ,

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