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New Version of Huawei Backup Now Available on Play Store

last replied bySn00ker,Dec 18, 2016 at 08:18AM

 by Honor_USA  ,

Many of our users rely on the cloud to backup their personal data, but it's always helpful to have a local backup for extra peace of mind. The Huawei Backup app is our solution to quickly and easily backup personal data, applications, multimedia data, and more. It comes pre-installed on all Honor phones, and an update to the latest version 7.1 was just published to the Google Play Store.

Features include:

1. Personal information: Backup all your personal data on your phone (contacts, SMS, MMS, call records, system settings, alarm clock, browser bookmarks, mail account, schedules, weather, clock, music player)

2. Applications: Backup applications and application data

3. Multi-Media: Backup all multimedia data (photos, video, audio)

4. Security: Supports encrypted backup

5. Supports a variety of ways: SD card, internal storage, or USB storage

Download: Huawei Backup

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 by huafans096257  ,


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 by huafans092079  ,

is this only available for l24???

unable to download on l22

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 by MEGAHuaFan  ,

This is an excellent software suite - very clean, intuitive and works well on Win 7 with my Honor 5X KIW-L24. In fact, it's the best such software suite I've ever seen from any manufacturer.

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 by Kujokara  ,

Play store states this is not compatible with my Honor 5X device.  

Why post availabilty on a dedicated Honor 5X website if it's incompatible with the product the site is promoting?

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 by huafans099137  ,

How about an update to Android OS?

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 by huafans0910144  ,

This backup app works perfectly. I made a backup to my SD card and was able to restore quickly after a wipe. Brought my phone from factory fresh to exactly the way i had set it up before the wipe with just a couple clicks and a few minutes of waiting. What a great app.

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 by huafans0912992  ,

Hey there ... So is there a version for this backup ? Or are you referring to a new Emui version ?

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 by huafans0912992  ,

Forgot to mention my backup version is

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 by Sn00ker  ,

So what version is it ?

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