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Huge savings for school on Honor View10!

last replied byHonor-Chris,Aug 03, 2018 at 12:49AM

 by Honor-Chris  ,

It’s that time of year to bring out the backpacks (or buy new ones) and get the back to school shopping supplies list. In college? You might ask yourself “What’s a backpack? I don’t use one” and I say, “touche”. Regardless, you will need to prepare to head back to classes, school or prepare your kids for their first big day. Exciting?! Maybe for some.

Sometimes some preparations are overlooked. Like your cracked smartphone that you think you could make last another semester or getting your child a smartphone to keep in contact with but you manage. Honor has you covered this back to school season.

Starting August 3rd, official retailers that sell the Honor View10 (HiHonor.com, Amazon & Newegg) will be cutting the price down $70! This brings what could be your first AI phone down to $429. Prime member with Amazon, you got it! Newegg Premiere, you’re covered! Did you know you get a discount on both of these memberships if you’re a student? Now you do.

All day battery life will get you through your classes, study sessions and extracurricular activities after school! The intelligent AI camera will capture: the fun times, the food you eat & those notes the teacher wrote up on the board. The AI actually can recognize text, sharpen and make writing easier to read after you take the shot so you can read it at a later time. Your classmates will be coming to you for those notes.

Built in AI translator will quickly translate in real time, in case you’re taking a foreign language this semester ;)

In your free time, with a large 5.99” screen, you’ll get to watch your shows or game to your heart's content. (if you get to have time). There are many more reasons the Honor View10 will suit all your needs.

What are items you need to pick up this school season? Whatever it is, Honor wishes you luck: scavenging your local store for supplies, attending your first day back to school and success this semester.

You can buy the Honor View10 at the below retailers starting today

HiHonor.com -  http://bit.ly/2sdsnQj

Amazon.com - https://amzn.to/2O7jOz2

Newegg.com - http://bit.ly/2LO9qj2

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