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Honor Announces Software Update Policy

last replied byhuafans0713525083,Apr 05, 2018 at 09:04AM

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 by Honor_USA  ,

Honor is committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. We listened to customer feedback, and we are proud to share our Software Update Policy.

  • From this year we are making a commitment to provide customers with access to new features (at least once every three months during the first 12 months) for at least 24 months following each product launch.
  • We will keep providing access to security and software updates to fix bugs and enhance user experience in a timely manner.
  • Beyond this period we will continue to provide updates in response to any threats to user safety and security.
  • Our goal is to ensure customers have the best and safest possible experience on their Honor device.

Honor USA devices covered by this policy include Honor 5X and Honor 8.

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 by huafans099807  ,

Thank You Honor USA!

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 by deathtosnitches  ,

That sounds awesome.......... Lets create a standard for other phone providers to follow

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 by huafans0911614  ,

I updated my phone and the update erased some really important files . Complete disappointment.

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 by Visvism  ,

Thank you. Just purchased my Honor 8 this past Thursday and couldn't be more happy with this smartphone. I'm actually liking the EMUI vs stock Android. Getting timely updates will make it even more the better. 

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 by huafans0912298  ,


Just got my Honor 5X. I have an LG Flagship, USB port started acting funny.  5X is great..on paper .. Right out the box I had two updates Android 6.0.1 and EMUI 4.0 . Everything is OK.. Tech team.  I have one problem. My page will go back, disappear, you didn't touch the screen. Hitting the back key sometimes works. Key word sometimes.  This phone has alot, we ......we like OTA on the USB port. Great phone for this Senior.  Found out I can turn the phone off at a certain time and turn it on when I want to.  We olders sometimes time forget to turn them off. Fingerprint scanner is good. When it can turn the phone completely off and on it will be greater.  Keep this business plan on track.. You now have a new customer, depending on updates & fixes is how long I will be here.. Love your product. Have recommended this phone to all my friends and family.

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 by huafans0912685  ,

Really enjoying this phone so far. I love Apple hardware design and this phone feels like it's an Apple/Android hybrid. If we get current security updates, that will set a great precendent.

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 by huafans0912804  ,

I need help please , ever since the update for 6.0/6.01 emui 4.0 came put,  my phone has been glitching and closing and apps realted to games or video services such as YouTube.  Is there anyway to fix the OS problem or is it the phone,  and if I can is there a way to go back to 5.1 lollipop?  Please help fix this,  and amazing phone BTW honor this completely blew me away . Please help, thanks :)

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 by huafans0910166  ,


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 by huafans0912962  ,

Thank you!  I absolutely love the Honor 8 phone and believe it is the best phone for the price. I have given up on Samsung. Please support this device and don't leave it behind like other companies do. Keep this phone alive with many timely Android updates and you will have many other unhappy samsung and apple customers buying this phone and others like it. Seriously we Android loyalists know the struggle with updates. Keep it up with the low cost! 

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 by huafans0911981  ,

Yeah - really disappointed that Honor seems to have abandoned the 5X - no updates at all in much more than 3 months.

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 by huafans099134  ,

Wish I'd bought another and last Nexus Model......then I'd be getting Android OS Updates....I'm believing I have seen my LAST update fm Honor and that is UNHonarable!

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 by i2000s  ,

Is this website still active? I wonder why there is no recent news posted here, like the X6 release?

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 by huafans0910932  ,

This is well and good, but it has been more than three months since the last update. I know the Nougat update is supposedly coming in February, but no firm dates have been forthcoming.

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 by huafans0913028  ,

I have two honor 8, only one got updated with new OS, another one is not. No idea how to check. customer support team is complete waste, no solution crazy.

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 by huafans0931502  ,

So---- what happened to HONOR 6??? THE SOFTWARE UPDATE NOTICE SAYS "HONOR 6 TO HONOR 8". Was there also a "7"?


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