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Honor 8 Go!

last replied byi2000s,Nov 24, 2016 at 2:48PM

 by Honor_USA  ,

The new Honor 8 is here! You have the power to push culture forward. That’s why Honor created a phone for you — the new Honor 8. It’s the smartphone that opens your eyes to a world of possibilities. Register early to receive some amazing benefits like a $50 off coupon and additional screen protection warranty.

Want a chance to win a free Honor 8? Introducing the Honor 8 GO game! Play the game and share on Facebook for a chance to win the following exciting prizes.

Choose your favorite color to make your thread outstanding.

 by Andy1  ,

I'm so bad at those games it's not even funny ,I sincerely hope honor8 has a successful hit! 

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 by Andy1  ,

 It should be exciting to see where the Honor8 goes.

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 by jkbane  ,

This has been one of my top favorite devices! 

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 by HonorCustomerSupport  ,

Exciteed about this phone

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 by deathtosnitches  ,

Purchased mine 12:03pm date of release............LETS GO!!!!!!!!!

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 by huafans0910460  ,

Got my Honor 8 yesterday. Overall its a Good Phone, but one aspect that is spoiling the fun is the Audio from the speakers.

Camera is really good.

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 by huafans0912168  ,

I just received my Honor 8. The phone is beautiful and the perfect size. Just one problem that I have encountered, the lock screen notifications. It is driving me crazy receiving my notifications and not being able to interact with them the way I am accustomed to. Thinking about returning the phone, unless I can find a fix. 

I agree with the above post that the speakers suck. On a positive note the phone runs great (fast and smooth) and the battery is life is great. The software just needs to be improved in my opinion.

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 by Visvism  ,

When will the Honor 8 community work correctly? It's basically offline at this point. 

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 by shxyz  ,

I got mine a couple of days ago.

It gets very hot to the limit I had to turn it off to cool down, even without playing games, just browsing and playing some very short video clips.

There are plenty of other issues that I hope they will fix soon & push the fix.

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 by huafans0913430  ,

Agreed. My phone gets overheated too when using GPS for a short period of time. I have to close everything down and not use it for a while so that it can cool down :(

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 by i2000s  ,

I have to say the Black Friday deal email notice came tooooo late...

But thank you for putting this up in email.

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