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Honor 6x home screen ads!?

last replied byHonor-Chris,Jan 22, 2019 at 1:33PM

 by huafans0714633160  ,

Ok, so I use the honor 6x and recently I have been getting ads on my home screen. This is not ok. Is it a app I have or is Huawei trying to so this to make my want to buy a new phone or something. What ever the reason, this needs to stop!

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 by Rev  ,

It's most definitely an app you've installed. You have to be very careful when adding new apps. They can be pretty tricky.

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 by huafans096691  ,

I don't have any ads problem on my Honor 6X home screen. 

Please looking at what the latest app that you installed before the problem occur.

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 by Honor-Chris  ,

This is certainly an issue with an app that has been recently installed. You may want to check apps running in the background, uninstall any suspicious 3rd party apps that were installed (maybe by mistake). There are apps that ask permission to display ads, which in return pay you a small bounty. 

Honor does not put malicious apps that affect the user experience, not to mention show ads on the lockscreen. 


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