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Get Fit With Honor Winners!

last replied byJesseGAvalos,Sep 08, 2018 at 12:36AM

last edited byHonor-Chris,Sep 05, 2018 at 2:27PM

 by Honor-Chris  ,

HUGE Congratulations to all of the winners and participants of the Get Fit With Honor Contest!!






We felt it was right to give Rev a special prize for working so hard and posting his: results and struggles. For that, Rev will receive a Honor View10. The other 4 winners will receive a Honor 7x. 

I hope this isn't the end of your fitness journey but helps give you further motivation to continue! Thank you all once again for your participation and stay tuned for more contests like this

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 by epickid37  ,

No way! Thank you so much!

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 by ChristianHarris  ,

Rev DESERVED the View10, hands down!!! He did the absolute best you could ask of from this contest! Congrats Rev!!!! Well done bro!!! Keep it up and keep us all posted on your continued progress!!!

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 by Honor-Chris  ,

Can the winners PM Honor USA on facebook so we can sort out shipping details

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 by Rev  ,

Holy ***! This is awesome! Thanks so much Honor and thanks for the congrats guys! Things like this are what's inspiring me to keep on going. I've even added cycling and yoga to my routine. This has been a huge life changer for me! Thanks again Honor for the inspiration to change my life and thanks Chris for the work you put into the Honor community.

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 by AE  ,

Congrats Rev! Very deserving indeed. I was impressed with your long walks, weight loss and persevering through the whole month. Thank you for the opportunity to get more fit and win a great phone as well Chris. 

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 by JesseGAvalos  ,

Thank you Honor! Congrats Rev you really pushed yourself! Just keep up the good work.

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